- Governance affecting boards
Know what it takes to be the leader
- Dedicated to the prosperity of clients
Relating client needs to investment expertise
- Powerful collaboration lasting for years
From scaling up to growing up
- Fail fast, learn fast, staying ahead of the curve
Engaged in digital transformation and change
- From governance to performance
Making healthier sustainable choices


from balcony and dance floor

In the current board dynamics environment, the role of the board in strategy and risk oversight require prospective, new, and seasoned directors who can stay ahead of the curve on key board governance issues and leading practices. IMD’s four pillars foundation of board dynamics and Intrabond Capital’s LQM leadership quadrants model add value to meeting targeted goals of organizations and individuals. In the first LQM quadrant and with an entrepreneurial mindset management recognizes and identifies business opportunities, empowering and delighting customers. In the second LQM quadrant and with an architectural mindset management shapes and innovates sustainable business models to emerge and grow. In the third LQM quadrant top talent lead teams as great conductors of the orchestra, playing the music which engage markets, communities, and partnerships. With many followers in the subscriber base the strategy is set in scaling up the footprint of mindsets. Agility, courage, the ability, and political willingness to drive for change sets the pivot in the fourth LQM quadrant. Humility, adaptability, passion, engagement, culture, purpose, and vision are the drivers of digital transformation, the algorithm business and successful customer journeys.
There is call for more active and co-creative boards in the COVID-19 situation. Boards that are not overly concerned with quarterly short-term results and the complexity of the regulatory environment. Boards that have a compelling purpose and vision, on long term strategic and financial thinking. Cultivating a sustainable scenario-based long-term high-level view of the company rather than getting absorbed in detail.



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