- Governance affecting boards
Know what it takes to be the leader
- Dedicated to the prosperity of clients
Relating client needs to investment expertise
- Powerful collaboration lasting for years
From scaling up to growing up
- Fail fast, learn fast, staying ahead of the curve
Engaged in digital transformation and change
- From governance to performance
Making healthier sustainable choices


Strategy Execution



Lead from balcony and dance floor

 In the current board dynamic environments, the role of the board in strategy and risk oversight require prospective, new and seasoned directors who can stay ahead of the curve on key new board governance issues and leading practices. Board dynamics rest on four pillars. Applying those effectively accelerates you, your organisation, your firm and your client journeys through the quadrants of the LQM lifecycle (illustrated below). Start a business action by exploring and experimenting in the Explorer Quadrant. Fore and foremost delight your customer. Recognize and identify the business opportunity. Shape the business model in the Architect Quadrant. Emerge with or without VC series-A funding. Launch your MVP. Acquire talent to populate the quadrants and conduct a fabulous concert in the Conductor Quadrant through the diversity of professionals in the business, operations and the organization. Engage the market, communities and partnerships. Have followers. Transition to growth in the Director Quadrant. Show ability to generate revenues, Build a steady increase in revenue and profitability. Create value and transform the organization. Demonstrate your ability and political willingness to drive for change and define new actions to close the circle to the first quadrant. Scaling mindsets, ability, willingness, openness in each of the quadrants defines the quality of innovation, defines agility of the organization and acceleration in the pivot, and above all the desired speed of the music within the culture. If you can't close the circle, you most likely not going to make it. Think big in taking small steps. Humility, adaptability, passion, engagement, culture, purpose and vision are the drivers of this transformation. The LQM leadership model drives high performance through agility and acceleration. Join us this year at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate.