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Leadership at board level

INSEAD Directors Forum & Certificate in Corporate Governance Ceremony:
"Rodria Laline shares her insights on corporate boards caught in the crossfire between management and institutional owners, and ceaselessly having to face growing market pressures to innovate and deliver value to customers, regulatory pressures to comply, and political pressures to add to regional and state welfare."

Today, with vision, engagement, purpose and human capital, we support companies in deciding the right course upon evidence and execute the strategy and extended business models on behalf of board and management. Creative leadership in building the business ecosystems, corporate training for directors of companies, as well as university higher education, teaching in
master- and post-doctoral programs take us on a long-term border-spanning customer journey. AI, advanced analytics, application platforms and the circle of our VC partners, global investors and strategic players in various industry sectors will help our clients to get there. We have a track record in strategy execution, executive training, higher education, master programs and organizational transformations in digital, green and algorithm businesses. Not only do we serve the large enterprise in value proposition, but in our entrepreneurial role we're also engaged in the line business units of smaller organizations and institutions facing the pain and gain in the strategy execution challenge. Here a bird's eye view of our partial client roster, our interconnectedness to government, education, industries and strategic alliances; IT platforms and technology; AI and advanced analytics; and banking, capital markets, telecommunication and real estate.