"Define strategy as a process (SAAP), the sum and imprint of fast cycling processes; and the speed of change affecting its cycling speed". From this angle, performance and success are sum and imprint of the strategy and change cycles.

Rodria Laline -  with Ambassador Dr Peter Collecott, Board Advisor BG, Advisor to Prince Charles, and Chair of Canning House; with Mark Simmonds, the former British Minister of Foreign Affairs for Africa; and  with CEO McKinsey Africa - on "Secular Stagnation and Winning Strategies in Tubulent Times"  (TEXEM board seminar and round table conference at the British Deputy High Commissioner's Residence in Lagos, Nigeria).



If continued innovation, the digital transformation,  speed of technology, and orchestrating business ecosystems have a high material impact to your business, then it is a good time to work with our firm.






"Sustainable CSR, SDG, ESG and circular workwear investing within a Global Services Repository and  Business Ecosystem Data Streaming Architecture" - Rodria Laline, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of  Royal HAVEP, Van Puijenbroek Textile  (Voorzitter van de Raad van Commissarissen van de  Koninklijke Van Puijenbroek Textiel).



How lucky can you be when you are offered the opportunity (in the 70s) to spend time and work with two of the greatest scientists in the world: Mr. Robert Noice (Founder of Intel and Fairchild) and Professor Brian J. Howard (Harvard, Southampton and Oxford University). Indeed, I was very lucky. They contributed to my personal path in life!




We are engaged in the dynamics of governance, leadership and innovation, creating value through sustainable development goals and intelligent boards.

Below, in Dutch:

The ASRE MRE Program

Economic Mission with PM Mark Rutte

Addressing the Brexit at the recent VVD meeting in the Netherlands, the deputy Mayor of Amsterdam,  Mrs. Kajsa Ollongren spoke on the subject "Bring the City (London) to the City (Amsterdam)".

ASRE MRE Master of Real estate

ASRE MRE Master of Real Estate

Mr. Wilfred Nagel, CRO and ING Bank board member at our Risk Management Day (Dutch language press)