If continued innovation, the digital future, the speed of technology, and the change in culture have a high material impact to your business than it is a good time to work with our firm. We are engaged in the dynamics of governance, leadership and innovation, creating value through sustainable development goals and smart boards.

Intrabond Economic Mission to Indonesia with PM Netherlands Mark Rutte & President Federation Indonesian Industries Mr. Suryo Sulisto.

Millennials in the workforce embrace collaboration, change the digital environment, and cross silos to integrate consumer-facing technologies into  new social context and culture. The social challenge that companies face today comes with organizational change, business model innovation, shared value impact and creative innovative leadership.

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Intrabond Capital has operations in Asia, Europe and the U.S. We have an international client base. Demonstrated experience and competencies in value creation plans,  governance, strategy, risk management,  leadership services, change management, and change culture programs. Click this link to obtain more information.

 A. The Board Directors Search Engine

In the Netherlands, our 1st "anonimous" PMP search engine to find independent non-executive and executive board directors (in Dutch: de RvC, RvT and RvA).

B. Board Evalution & Assessment  tool
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Obtain the report about your personality style, organizational influence, leadership readiness, and your postioning in the leadership quadrants of board diversity.

C. Board Governance Programs
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Individual and Group Life Cycle Coaching

Board Dynamics in Business Ecosystems. Contact Us.


About Intrabond Capital

Intrabond Capital is a strategy execution and management firm. The firm's offices are in Amsterdam (the Netherlands, head office), San Francisco (USA), and Hong Kong SAR. The firm's relationship's roster and business footprint covers cross-consumer and cross-industry sectors including those in oil & energy, banking & finance, ICT technology and software industries. The firm's portfolio demonstrates a firm engagement in creating added value through effective teams, and a firm commitment in developing a sustainable leadership with a winning culture. Successfully capturing the indicators of a company's organization and culture with the company's organization and culture indicator instruments has been the imprint of many, particularly those demonstrating an open mind, open heart and open will, to respond to change.