If you are challenged by the value drivers  in the supply and value chain then this a good time to work with our firm.  We assisted global listed players as well as pre-IPO companies to be successful  towards creating a  higher level playing field. At times of change - internally through restructuring, or externally by a merger, acquisition, or new business alliances partnership - these companies play the level playing field from levels of strength, successfully challenging the culture, the leadership compass, the competencies and team dynamics.
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Intrabond Capital has operations in Asia, Europe and the U.S. We have an international client base. Demonstrated experience and competencies in value creation plans, corporate governance  and  leadership advisory services, board directorships, strategy execution, IT governance, hi tech and software. Accelerate clients' goods and services business, create value and effective cross-border capital flows,with interesting learning curves to share.

Moving Tier-1 Strategy Forward

Intrabond Capital delivers governance grade P&L businesses and successful business lines, by transforming strategy advice which clients have often retained from tier-1 strategy consulting companies, into successful international operations. Down the strategy execution path we take independent board director positions to drive these new or transformed business initiatives.

Intrabond Capital is a strategy execution and management firm. The firm's footprint contains business architecture implementation and leadership initiatives, board directorship in international JVs and partner management; and corporate development and governance initiatives targeted at worldwide geographies. The firm's client roster includes consumer and industry sector industries ranging from those in ICT, technology, internet clouds and all ebusiness areas, to verticals in telecom, banking,  finance, retail, and elogistics exchange-to-exchange collaborative supply chains.


Maximize Your Board's Potential

Senior VPs  at SHELL: Emma FitzGerald (2012), Gerard Paulides (2011) and Ceri Powell  (2013)
"The firm's Maximize Your Board's Potential (MYBP) board program at the Harvard Faculty Club is a stimulating and energizing experience.  Plenty of insights and take a ways."  Contact us.